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by Catherine Kane

Many people get a reading in order to look in to the future and see what it holds. Did you know that you don't just have one future but rather many ones?

     As part of your birthright, you were given free will. This means that, while you can't control everything that happens in your life, you have a good deal of control in who you are and where you go in life by the choices you make and the steps you take.

     This means you don't just have one future. You have a lot of them...

     People ask me " Cathy, how can you read the future if the future's not fixed, not one option?" The answer is that any reading, whether it be palms, I Ching, tarot, tea leaves or any other system (ask me or Sean some times for some of the more obscure ones out there) actually only reads the statistically most likely future based on who you are and which direction you're going now....

      You're not stuck with that. You can make choices and changes in your life and, if you change course by enough, your future changes and subsequent readings change to reflect this. For example, you get different cards in a tarot reading; or the lines and bumps in your palm change to reflect your new future.

     Many folks get readings for fun and entertainment and that is fine. Many more get them to peek into the hidden things in past, present and future and that's good too. In my opinion, though, the best thing a good reading can do for you is cue you into your strengths, areas needing work, prosperous times and times of challenge so you can adjust your life's journey from an informed state.

     You listen to the weather guy in the morning to know whether you need a raincoat. You listen to the traffic to know whether it'd be happier for you to take another route. A good reader is like those folks-there to tell you where the jams are so you can drive around if you want.

      May all of your journeys be joyous!

      Catherine Kane

      Palmist, Intuitive and Reader of the I Ching

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