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Did you have a spirit drawing session with Jessie. Below is a list of interpretaions to explain the aspects associated with:




Color Representation


Red - passion, Anger, Anchor 

Yellow: High Soul, (Many Lifetimes)

Dark Blue - Devotion, Spiritual, Deep Creativity

Light Blue - Creative

Aqua - Persuasion

Green - Healing or works in some Healing Modality Pink: Child-like (Approachable)

Brown - Mother Earth-Holistic-Natural

Violet - Spiritual

Silver - Ability to see Spirit World

Apple Green - Happy Hopeful

Orange - Psychic/intuitive

No Particular Colors; Works with Money, or Finances. Hasn't begun the Spiritual Path

Red/orange - Passionate about Psychic Ability

Animal Totems

Bear - swiftness, sweetness of life, inherent potentials, communication with spirit, achievement, self-realization.

Badger - unsociable, healer, control, self-expression, revenge, story teller Beaver- Dream Interpretation, emotions, architects, teamwork.

Bobcat - solitude, hidden emotions, vigilance, new learning experiences, sexual energies Bull-Fertility, earth sign, alertness, solar association, sacrifice

Bee - service, Gathering, Community

Bird - Unity, Freedom, Individuality

Buffalo - Abundance, Healing, Good Fortune

Butterfly - Transformation, Balance, Grace, Reincarnation

Camel - Transforming Burdens, Distant Travel, Inner Sight, Shifting sands of time, frugal

Cat - independence, fertility, curiosity, psychic vision, cleverness, shy

Chipmunk - Mobility, frugal, sudden decisions, quick movement, insight

Cougar - Awakening Power, decisiveness, cunning, assertive Coyote-Family Dedication, wisdom, weather control, keeper of magic, folly, trickster

Crane - Balance, Majesty

Cheetah - Brotherhood, Ability to focus Intently, Swiftness, Self-Esteem, Accelerating time, Keenness of Sight.

Deer - Ability to Adapt, primal Wisdom, Innocence, Connection to Woodland Deities, Gentleness, increased clarity

Dingo - Reincarnation, companionship, community, contribution, truth, cunning, Intuition, Loyalty

Dog - Deep Love, Faithfulness, Protection, Guardian, Companionship

Dolphin - Emotion, breath, change, Wisdom Balance, Harmony, Communication Skills, Freedom, Trust. Understanding the Power of Rhythm in your life. Use of Breath to release Intense Emotions

Eagle - potency, Power, Illumination, Expansion, Freedom, Clarity

Elk - stamina, Nobility, Honoring those of your Gender, Ability to pace oneself in Tasks, Strength

Elephant - Fertility, Discrimination, royalty, connection to ancient wisdom, feminine energies, family connection

Fox - Shapeshifter, new beginnings, camouflage, Intelligence persistence, feminine energies, psychic attunement, fertility, monogamy, cleverness, discretion

Frog - cleansing Peace, Emotional Healing, Reflection, Tranquility in the Midst of Chaos, Fluid Movement, Understanding Emotions, Rebirth.

Goat - Tenacity, Diligence, Initiating New Moves, Flexibility, New Heights, Sturdiness

Giraffe - Distant Sight, Intuition, Communication, Deep Perspective

Horse - New Journey, Divination, Freedom of Movement, Travel, reincarnation, astral travel, able to handle burdens, endurance

Hedgehog - self Preservation

Lion - passion, stealth, strength, feminine energies, solar energies, courage, control over fate.

Lynx - loner-workings, mysticism, knowledge, keeper of ancient wisdom, inner vision, astral travel

Lizard - letting go, elusiveness, Perception, dreaming, intuition, Detachment from ego, power to regenerate that which is lost, facing fear, controlling dreams, moving in otherworld.

Leopard - Intuition, Agility, Vitality, Mystery, solitary, camouflage Facilitating Soul work

Moose - sacred energy, feminine energy, longevity, inner awareness, self respect, Intuition

Mouse - single mindedness, fertility, focus on details, Charm

Otter - Joy, Laughter, Lightness, playfulness, sharing feminine energy, Creativity, women's Healing Wisdom

Panther - Clairaudience, spurts of energy, valor, personal integrity, stealth, awakening of unconscious desires, shapeshifter, transmutation

Rabbit - lunar energies, fertility, maternal instincts, defense, swiftness conquering fear safety, innocence

Raccoon - Disguise, dexterity, seeking guidance and confidence, questioning without fear, balancing curiosity, self-defense, mysticism, secrecy, transformation

Salmon - perseverance, determination, swimming upstream through emotional waders to gain insight, understanding divination messages, rebirth of spiritual knowledge

Snake - Rebirth, creative power, goddess energy, exploration of the mysteries of life, transmutation, Illusiveness, Life force, sexual potency

Spider - opportunity, Creativity, Wisdom, Divine Inspirations Shapeshifting Understanding the patterns of Illusion, Female energy for the creative force of life.

Seal - Contentment

Skunk - caution, warning, respect, drawing attention to oneself, mysticism 

Squirrel - Social lessons, communication skills, balance, reaching lofty heights, pacifist

Turtle - love, protection, healing, knowledge, grounding, focus, symbol of the Earth, connection with the center, navigational skills, self foundries

Wolf - social Behavior, Spiritual Lessons, communication, reincarnation, emotional attachments, strength, sensitivity, teaching skill, loyalty, independence , Guidance in dreams, Outwitting enemies, Skill in protecting family and self

Whale/Orcas - creation, conservation, Creative Inspiration, Breaking down the Barriers of the Human mind, Obliterating the concept of good or evil, using the vibrational energy of song to heal, finding your soul song, seeing the unseen, Ability to seal energy leaks. 

Bird Totems


Blackbird-primal famine energy trance work, territorial, omens, mysticism, promise

Bluebird-Throat Chakra confidence, transformation, happiness

Blue Jay- Linking of heaven and earth, survival, control, resourcefulness, Imbalance in ones life

Canary-Mysteries of song, Healing, Happiness, inner awakening, warning of danger or impending perils

Cardinal-Inspiration of self importance, courtship, opportunities

Chickadee-Mystery, Social, Truth, fearless, honest perception

Chicken-sexuality, awakening powers, fertility, and divination

Crane-past life experiences, secrecy, and creative resources, balance, majesty

Crow-Magick, solitudes shapeshifter, creation, alertness, spiritual strength. working without fear in darkness, guidance while working in shadow, understands all things related to ethics, messenger, honoring ancestors, watchfulness

Dove - female sexuality, peace, spiritual messengers, connection to Mother Earth prophesy

Duck-Emotional state, water energy, communal, feminine energies, astral plane

Eagle- Spiritual Weather control, Creation sense of balance, illumination of spirit, in-depth perception, awareness, healing, opportunities, spiritual growth, soaring, expansion, and clarity

Goose-Fertility, spiritual quest, fidelity, imprinting life lessons, community, awakening of the imagination, safe return, love of home

Seagull- Ecology, cleanliness, fairy contact, spiritual messenger, communication carefree attitude, versatility, freedom

Hawk/Falcon- Visionary Power, illumination, healing, life force, experience, psychic energies, awareness, and truth, observation, messages from spirit, wise use of opportunities

Hummingbird- healing, relationships, fairy realm, joy, accomplishments, architects, relaxation, endurance on long journeys, happiness

Loon- Communication, serenity, controlling the dream state, astral plane, awareness, visions

Mockingbird- Courage, opportunities, learning through experience, master of languages, attitude, realization of inner talents

Oriole-positive change, fairy connection, connection to tree spirits, rediscover your inner child.

Owl-Greater wisdom, fertility, healing, lunar connection, mystery, prophesy, protection deep insight into the spirit, clairvoyance, seeing behind masks, vision, keen insight

Pelican-overcoming emotions, control of ego, personal insight, and self sacrifice

Raven- Magick, spiritual messenger, sexual activity, connection to the crone, mystic teachings, Exploration of the unknown

Robin- New Personal growth, creative life force

Sparrow- personal dignity, personal triumph Sandpiper-Quickness, foraging, scavenging

Swan-elegance, nurturing, together, relationship, oneness, emotional sensitivity, divination, solar energy, family devotion, understanding dream symbols, developed intuitive abilities, grace in dealing with others