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The Sun in Cancer
Anne Lathrop

The Sun in Cancer June 20 – July 22

 Cancer is the fourth sign in the Tropical Zodiac, cardinal, like Aries, but changeable and watery in nature. The Moon rules Cancer.

 We are looking at our lunar or feminine qualities through the sign of Cancer; thus we have the home, mothering and nurturing, all things domestic--but primarily food--and family. This sign also rules women’s apparel, the kitchen, the restaurant trade, fluctuating moods and feelings and the crab--the creature associated with this sign. The crab demonstrates some of the Cancer characteristics in its push-pull relationship with the water’s edge as it sidles along the beach, then suddenly scurries back into the water. Its human counterpart wants to be involved and nurtured, but it doesn’t want to be smothered, trapped or cornered. You’ll know you’ve gotten too close to a Cancer when he or she suddenly becomes moody, evasive, or downright unapproachable.

 Cancer is a dynamic movable sign, and in the Northern hemisphere, it represents the solar “Full Moon” as the Sun reaches the peak of its northern declination, bringing us the longest days of the year. In Hindu Astrology, both the Moon and Mercury rule the mind and it is thought to be very auspicious to depart from life during the period culminating at the Summer Solstice. In many cultures there is some form of celebration centered around this time of year.

Cancer ailments include emotional upsets and/or breakdowns, digestive or stomach difficulties such as ulcers or heartburn and problems relating to the breasts.

To recognize the Cancer person, look for someone who is emotional, sensitive and kind; sympathetic, but who guards his/her privacy carefully. Watch for sudden shifts in mood and for exaggerated emotions when feeling cornered or fatigued. The Cancer is very creative and drawn to the arts. They are intuitive and sensitive. Look for the Cancer in your local bar lending the sympathetic ear… The Cancer also loves the sociability of the internet—and the disappearing act is so easy!!! It is no coincidence that the ice-cream cone becomes a national addiction come summer, nor that we flock to the ocean in hordes. Gardening and the related commerce owes its perennial success to the fertility of Cancer.


Some famous Cancers are: The United States of America, Meryl Streep, Jack Dempsey, Bill Blass, King Henry VIII & King Edward VIII, George Orwell, Clarence Thomas, Helen Keller, Dean Martin, Tom Cruise, the twins Abigail Van Buren and Ann Landers, Gina Lollobrigida, and President Bush II.


When you find yourself in the kitchen, cuddling a new-born, or tending to someone’s needs, your Cancer is showing. When you are transported by sudden mood swings, lusting after that smart-looking silver convertible, checking out the latest in fancy lingerie (spectator or coy model), or lingering in the pots and pans aisle at Wal-Mart, peak over your shoulder and you’ll see the fleeting crab.


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